5 Must Try Ice Cream Flavours

If you were to ask any PEI native where to find the best ice cream, the answer is always COWS. They produce cheese, butter, T-Shirts, and most famously, super premium ice cream. With a visit to one of the best ice cream parlours in the world, you can’t go wrong with these 5 COWS ice cream flavours.


1. Cookie MOOnster

Cookie MOOnster is made of a vanilla base with natural blue colouring. It is then stuffed with chocolate cookie dough pieces and Oreo crumbles. 


2. Island Strawberry

COWS prides itself on sourcing fresh Island ingredients. The strawberries used in this flavour come straight from PEI’s red soil!


3. Chip Chip Hooray!

This is one of COWS newest flavours. Chip Chip Hooray is made with sea-salted toffee swirl and COWS signature chocolate covered potato chips.


4. Messie Bessie

Messie Bessie is made with oreo pieces, english toffee, and COWS mouthwatering MOO crunch. It might be ‘messie’, but it sure is delicious!


5. Wowie Cowie

Wowie Cowie is by far COWS most popular flavour. This Island delicacy is made with english toffee, chocolate pieces and caramel.

All of COWS ice cream flavours are aMOOZingly delicious. Make sure to enjoy your scoops while soaking up the sun or perhaps in the company of an over-sized cow! We’d love to know, what’s your favourite COWS flavour?