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Charlottetown Chefs Reveal Their Favourite Menu Items

One of the main reasons many visit Prince Edward Island is to savour the freshest local produce and finest seafood, which has gained national attention. To help you plan your perfect foodie adventure, we checked in with our partners at Murphy Group and their top chefs to reveal their favourite item on their menu.

Chef Kyle Panton

Sims Corner Steakhouse & Oyster Bar Executive Chef Kyle Panton selected the succulent Crusted Fillet from his menu. “The dish consists of PEI beef tenderloin crusted with a Glasgow Glenn smoked Gouda cheese and PEI black garlic,” explained Chef Kyle.



Chef Kyle has a passion for preparing dishes from natural ingredients. This love of all things harvested straight from the land and sea and served fresh to your plate, paved the way for him to become the Executive Chef at Sim’s Corner Steakhouse & Oyster Bar.

This top Chef has been recognized locally and internationally for his ability to create award-winning dishes utilizing locally sourced products year after year. Most recently he was named the PEI Potato Chowder Champion.

“I enjoy being a part of the vibrant culinary culture on the Island and look forward to helping shape the future of PEI’s food industry,” said Chef Kyle.


Chef Adam Loo

Merchantman Fresh Seafood & Oyster Bar Executive Chef Adam Loo selected the fresh and crispy Haddock Tacos from his menu.

“Warm tortillas filled with fresh slaw, diced tomatoes, and crispy breaded haddock with jalapeno aioli is delicious,” said Chef Adam. “Pulled Pork Tacos are also very close to being my favourite dish because they are made with slow roasted Island pork shoulder, barbeque sauce, crispy onions, and creamy slaw.”

Chef Adam has worked in award-winning restaurants across the world – from New York State, Nova Scotia, and now beautiful Prince Edward Island. He strives to showcase the great produce and finest seafood of PEI to the guests at the Merchantman Fresh Seafood & Oyster Bar.


Chef Brad Macdonald

Executive Chef, Brad Macdonald, of The Brickhouse Kitchen & Bar selected the Scallop Bubbly Bake. “I wanted something really special to showcase one of the Island’s best and favourite ingredients and went through a lot of ideas. Then I remembered the scallop bubbly bake that my mother used to make,” explained Chef Brad.

“It was a dish she would make on special occasions and especially Christmas time. I worked the concept into a dish that fits our style at the Brickhouse and ended up with a big flavour dish that is comprised of a classic pairing of scallops and bacon served casually in a skillet and paired with our iconic Brickhouse greens.”

Recently the Brickhouse was the winner of the Island-wide burger competition, PEI Burger Love. The Brickinator burger was an instant hit with guests. “It was a pleasure to have prepared so many in the four months I have been here,” said Chef Brad.

Chef Brad’s menu is inspired by his young family. “Watching a child grow and thrive with the nourishment you provide is an amazing and humbling experience and made me give a renewed thought to the importance of food in all of our lives.”

He added, “Creating new experiences for them and watching them delight to the discovery of a new found favourite is an intimate experience that I try to emulate for our guests when I step into the kitchen at The Brickhouse, and it continues to drive me in my craft.”

Chef Brad started cooking at a young age under the watchful eye of Swiss trained Chef Alois Ming. Chef Brad continued his cooking career in the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario, mastering his skills. His travels and young family have helped shape his hearty cooking identity.


Chef Brock MacDonald

The Gahan House Pub & Brewery, Executive Chef Brock MacDonald selected the creamy Chicken Penne from his menu. “The penne is sautéed in a creamy Cajun sauce with our homemade chorizo and freshly sourced vegetables,” explained Chef Brock.

Chef Brock has worked his way up in the culinary industry for many years. He spent nine years working in Alberta refining his skills, before moving back home to PEI as an Executive Chef at The Gahan House Pub & Brewery. He creates a delicious food experience for every guest of The Gahan House.

The Gahan House is where brewing magic on PEI began. The pub is proud to house the Island’s oldest brewery, the Gahan House Brewery, where seven handcrafted ales, such as Sir John A. Honey Wheat and Island Red are masterfully brewed on site.


Chef Cody Wallace

Executive Chef, Cody Wallace, of Fishbones Oyster Bar and Grill said his favourite dish on the menu is the Beef Vindaloo.

“The dish is a spicy tomato based curry on a bed of rice. Topped with Cilantro Sour Cream and grilled lime,” explained Chef Cody. He added, “Grilled Salmon with Corn salsa is my second favourite.”

Originally from Parry Sound, Ontario, Chef Cody attended Canadore College’s Culinary Management Program and graduated in 2008. He worked around Canada before moving back to PEI and being awarded the position as Executive Chef of Fishbones Oyster Bar and Grill.