PEI’s Rugged Coastlines

Living on an island offers all kinds of coastline to explore and Prince Edward Island has over 1,000 kilometres of it! With the effects or erosion, these coastlines can continue to change from season to season …forming new shapes, new sand dunes, new sea stacks, and new caves. The annual rate of coastal loss is 0.3 … More

Autumn all Around

This is a photo of a Red Dirt Road taken by Stephen Desroches

It’s now early October. A month of Fall Flavours has come to an end but the rich autumn colors begin. As we go into this Thanksgiving weekend, it will be hard to ignore the blankets of warm reds, yellows and orange colors that coat the trees. If there was ever … More

The Art of Seeing Beauty

This is a photo of Greenwich National Park

Landscape photography and traveling go hand in hand. We can’t help but dream while running towards the setting sun in an exotic place looking for that magical moment that will become our pride and joy printed on paper. Honestly, before I became interested in photography, I took my home here … More

Nature Worth Framing

Prince Edward Island is a great location for nature photographers all year long, but late spring can be extra special. People are getting outside, tending to their gardens, and exploring our beautiful coastline. I personally love the photographic opportunities during this time of year while watching the Island come to … More