The Art of Seeing Beauty

Landscape photography and traveling go hand in hand. We can’t help but dream while running towards the setting sun in an exotic place looking for that magical moment that will become our pride and joy printed on paper.

Honestly, before I became interested in photography, I took my home here on Prince Edward Island very much for granted. PEI felt small and uninteresting and I failed to understand why tourism was so popular. I recognize now that this was a very problematic way of thinking.

Looking with purpose is a different way of seeing and combined with my discovery of photography as an art, it has changed how I see the landscape in front of me. My desire to travel and experience other locations remains greater than ever, but photographically speaking, I am perfectly happy making images close to home of this beautiful island. So much so, that I created an ebook about it.

This is the cover of the E-book, Photographers Guide to PEI.

The familiar surroundings of staying close to home is truly rewarding when you give it the attention it deserves. Prince Edward Island may be small, but there is no end to exploring it’s long coastlines of beautiful beaches.

I don’t know if I’ll ever truly appreciate the power of coastal erosion. It is nothing short of incredible knowing that you can return to the same location over and over again while watching the landscape literally change shape from the brute force of the tides.

There are so many coastlines to choose from for inspiration in PEI. Here are some of my favourite places.

1. Red sandstone cliffs show the powerful effects of erosion

 2. Experience beautiful beaches that stretch for miles at Cedar Dunes

3. Some of PEI’s largest dunes can be found at Greenwich National Park

4. Flowing waters from Brackley Beach create intricate patterns carved in the sand

5. Cavendish National Park, where pristine waters meet the red sandstone coastlines