An Ode to a Magical PEI Summer

Summertime in Prince Edward Island is something entirely magical altogether. This is when people relax, catch their breath, and find peace. It’s when people find adventure, discover beauty, and can explore to their hearts’ content. Days unfold before you into an array of colour and flavour, warmth and kindness, talent and art.

As summer begins to wind down, we can’t help but feel even more in love with PEI than we were when it began, and luckily for us, there are incredible pictures to showcase this season’s beauty, which has totally captured all of our hearts. Hold on tight, you’re in for one gorgeous ride!


Farmland, to red sands, to ocean blue… you just can’t beat a view like this! 😍


Do you ever look around PEI and feel like saying “Pinch me, I MUST be dreaming!”? 😍☁️


Anne of Green Gables saying “It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?” takes on a whole new meaning here. 💚


That sweet. serene, and spectacular Island glow makes our hearts swell 🧡


And those vibrant colours from our coastal shores make us happier than ever!


Those ‘top down, radio up, wind in your hair, coastal cruise at sunset’ nights are what we crave 😍


But even our morning commute (by land or sea!) wins us over. 🌊


Here in PEI we like to take beach days to the next level. 😍🙌


And summer days always lead to those stunning red dirt roads…❤️


…while North Rustico is a summer night’s dream 😍


Looking out the window and seeing THIS?! Guaranteed swooning. 🥰


We are so lucky to have a front row seat to the spectacular North Shore 👏🌊


From all the way “up west”… 🌊


…to all the way “down east”, 😍🧡



PEI has our 💜  forever.



We mean, come on! How amazing is it that this is our backyard?


And that aerial view of our beautiful quilted land will never grow old ❤️



Wherever your PEI adventures may lead, there’s never any doubt…

That Prince Edward Island holds the path to paradise 💕


Each and every picture of a Prince Edward Island summertime is like a stunning work of art, and it’s art that we’ll gladly sit and stare at for hours upon hours. PEI is truly the jewel of the maritimes and we’ll never grow tired of its beauty or take it for granted, especially during the sweet, sweet summertime.