2020’s Most Loved Photos of PEI

As the year comes to a close, we can’t help but take the time to reflect on how absolutely stunning these last 12 months have been. A gorgeous and calm winter, a blissfully warm and early spring, summer days filled with sparkling sunshine late into September, and an autumn that boasted the incredibly vibrant colours of the season. Life on PEI is nothing if not beautiful!

As we all spent the year safely adventuring around PEI’s wide open spaces, it’s no surprise that you also captured some of the most spectacular views across the Island on camera and so graciously shared them with us. As we get ready to welcome a new year with a whole new series of adventure, fun, and all the photos that go along with it, here’s a round up of the pictures that captured all of our hearts in 2020!


Adventure on Prince Edward Island is never-ending 🙌


The road trips? Next level. 👌👌👌


But it gets really epic once you get paddling 😍


PEI is just good for the soul ❤️


From quiet sunrises to the most extravagant sunsets…


…there is no piece of art more wonderful than a PEI sky 😍


The glorious winter scenes… 🙌


…spectacularly colourful springs… 😍 🌷


…vibrant summers filled with adventure…


…or falls that astound and astonish..  🍂🌳❤️


PEI will always keep doing what PEI does best: Leaving us speechless 😍


We’re never short on sunsets that make your heart flutter 😍


And moments of serenity are found around every turn. 🙌


Country roads that take you home 🍂😍🎶


To where a North Shore golden hour is about as good as it gets 😍✨


How lucky we are to live in a place where the great outdoors is as refreshing and beautiful as this! 😍


By day, PEI is extraordinary, but by night? Absolutely magical. ✨


And there’s always an amazing welcome to PEI…🌸


…no matter the season! 😍


Sunsets along the shore will always bring beauty and magic into your day ✨


And really, who needs a pot of gold when you’re on the beach in PEI? That’s already as good as it gets! 🌈


From sun up to sun down and through every single season, PEI never ceases to amaze us with it’s endless beauty, unbelievable sights, and of course, its warm and friendly people. We love this small but mighty Island, and we can’t wait incredible adventures and magic it will display in 2021!

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