PEI’s Rugged Coastlines

Living on an island offers all kinds of coastline to explore and Prince Edward Island has over 1,000 kilometres of it! With the effects or erosion, these coastlines can continue to change from season to season …forming new shapes, new sand dunes, new sea stacks, and new caves. The annual rate of coastal loss is 0.3 … More

Snapshots from the Sea

Why Lobster Fishermen Have the Best Job in the World Prince Edward Island has a reputation for having the finest lobster in the world. As any local or visitor can tell you, there’s nothing better than enjoying the bounty of a lobster fisherman’s labours. Passed down from generation to generation, the fishing industry on … More

Summer Festival Roundup

Summer is in full swing and that means a steady lineup of events will keep your toes tapping and your bellies full! Mark your calendars, PEI. It’s going to be one great festival season! Festival of Small Halls For 2 weeks in June, lap up the lush rural surroundings of Prince … More

Ernie’s Charter Fishing

Welcome to Ernie’s Charter Fishing, Prince Edward Island’s ultimate Bluefin tuna and deep sea fishing charter! Whether it’s battling Bluefin tuna or going deep sea fishing with friends or family, we have the adventure for you! Choose from one of our three fishing adventures: Deep Sea Fishing: Includes cod and … More

The Table Culinary Studio

The Table Culinary Studio

One-of-a-kind culinary experiences in a beautiful converted church! Our daily small hands-on cooking classes showcase fresh Island ingredients, teach culinary techniques and immerse visitors in the food and tradition of PEI through trips to local farms and fisheries. At night, our intimate Island dinners bring together up to 20 guests … More

By-the-Sea Kayaking

By the Sea Kayaking, Victoria, Prince Edward Island

Join Paul at By-the-Sea Kayaking in Victoria for a unique clam digging experience. Before paddling out to your clamming experience, your adventure will begin with some basic kayak instruction to get you on the water and moving as efficiently as possible. You will then kayak to the Tryon Shoal, a … More

Quill Art

Mi'kmaq Quill Art

Quillwork is an ancient art that often resulted in the Mi’kmaq being referred to as the porcupine people. Learn about the history of quillwork and Mi’kmaq peoples as you choose your materials and make your decorative birch bark circle under the guidance of an Indigenous Artisan. Take home your finished … More

The Beat of One Drum

Beat of One Drum

A true cultural experience like no other! This hands-on experience allows visitors to work with an Indigenous Artisan, learning about the importance of the hand drum to the Mi’kmaq culture while you assemble the base and weave moose hide to make your own drum to take home. The experience takes … More