Haute Cuisine & Charm

I recently spent the night at Shaw’s Hotel in Brackley with my husband, two year old son, and 2 month old daughter in tow. Since I moved here almost 3 years ago, I have been told many times I needed to visit this iconic Island establishment so I jumped at … More

An Island Love Affair

You might know that Prince Edward Island potatoes are world famous and you might even know why – the iron-rich red soil exclusive to the Island. But I think that there is another reason why our potatoes are the best- the passion of our farmers. It isn’t a job but … More

PEI’s Little Known Wonders

Prince Edward Island is most known for its beautiful mile long sandy beaches, pristine golf courses and a particularly stubborn red headed girl of Avonlea, but our Island also has some interesting natural occurrences that many don’t know about and if you are lucky you just might stumble upon a … More

Nature Worth Framing

Prince Edward Island is a great location for nature photographers all year long, but late spring can be extra special. People are getting outside, tending to their gardens, and exploring our beautiful coastline. I personally love the photographic opportunities during this time of year while watching the Island come to … More