15 Photos from a Brilliant Island Autumn

What could be better than fall in Prince Edward Island? The Island breeze now carries the scent of wood stoves, tilled soil, and smell of fallen leaves that coat the ground like a quilt.  Ever feel like the fall surrounds you with nature’s magic? Who wouldn’t when the trees seem electrified with vibrant colours, the harvest moon lights up the night sky, and each day ends with the warm glow of an autumn sunset.

Surely you’ve already been inspired to get out and experience the autumnal glories, but if you need a little extra nudge then these stunning photos will have you breaking down the doors to get outside and drink in all that’s gorgeous about a Prince Edward Island fall!



Peaceful fall mornings in Panmure 💕



A little fall beauty makes the game even better! 😉



All season long, it’s normal to have your head in the clouds.
Or at least, the trees 🥰



And keep your eyes up, because it’s as though some places were built with fall colours in mind 💛



Your Sunday drives never looked so good… 🚗



…and each twist and turn is met with even greater delight! 



Nothing is quite as blissful as that island harvest glow ✨



And if you’re looking for serenity, you’ll find it in the soft colours of a fall evening.



The ideal relaxation station! 👌👌👌




Does anyone else dream of time standing still on a day like this…



When you can grab a front row seat to autumn’s crisp air and stunning scenes? 🍂



After all, tis’ the season for long walks with endless colours…



…and the road less traveled? Always worth it. 😍



Year after year we’re always a little awestruck at the colour and beauty of the island as it transforms. There’s no need for a debate here, we all know it’s true: Fall is the most beautiful season of them all (and we’ve got the pictures to prove it!).


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