10 Inspiring PEI Photos

I often find myself driving along the highway on my way to work and although it is a road I’ve driven my whole life I still find myself inspired to pull over to soak in the view and take a photo of our lush green fields and blue blue waters. Our colourful and picturesque Island leaves me awestruck on countless occasions; it may be an adventure down a new dirt road to discover a beautiful sunset, stumbling upon a field of bright lupines or sunflowers, or my ultimate favourite – a bright red tilled farmers field against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. I’ve pulled together a list of my Top Ten favourite photos of Prince Edward Island and I hope they inspire you to come explore everything our beautiful Island has to offer.

1. Cavendish National Park is one of many inviting beaches on Prince Edward waiting for you. Grab a chair and a beach towel and feel the sand between your toes.Cavendish Beach - Photo by David Munroe

(Photo by David Munroe)

2. Green grass, red dirt, blue sky… a beautiful and common scene on your travels throughout Prince Edward Island!Red Dirt Road - Keith Watson

(Photo by Keith Watson Photography)

 3. Here on PEI, we offer more colors then just our red dirt, lush grass and blue skies. Being in the right place at the right time to experience the Northern Lights can leave you starstruck. Northern Lights in Covehead Prince Edward Island - Photo by Neil Taylor Photography

(Photo by Neil Taylor Photography)

4. Life is all about perspective, PEI is beautiful from the ground up.  Flying here can be half the fun. Aerial View of Stratford and Charlottetown, PEI - Photo by Neil Taylor Photography

(Photo by Neil Taylor Photography)

5. PEI may only be a couple hours tip to tip, but it can take weeks to experience all we have to offer.  This is North Cape Wind Farm on the farthest tip of Western PEI.Western PEI - Wind Farm (Photo by Racey Tay)

(Photo by Racey Tay)

6. Our historical lighthouses, once played a key role in guiding ships through our busy Island waters. They are now a must see landmark on your vacation to PEI. This is Wood Island’s Lighthouse, one of many must see landmarks on your vacation to PEI.

(Photo by Close to Home Images)

7. Even the simplest scenes on Prince Edward Island can take your breath away.
Dreamy Fields of PEI

(Photo by Saturism)

8. Serving up fresh PEI seafood while taking in a view like this, your vacation doesn’t get much better! This is the deck at Point Prim Chowder House in Point Prim, PEI.Point Prim Chowder House

(Photo by Paul Lavender)

9. They say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.  If that’s the case, summer on Prince Edward Island feels like a million bucks! Canola Fields Close to Home Images

(Photo by Close to Home Images)

10. The Confederation Bridge is known as one of Canada’s top engineering achievements of the 20th century. Here’s a birds eye view.
Confederation Bridge Aerial View - Neil Taylor Photography

(Photo by Neil Taylor Photography)

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18 Responses to 10 Inspiring PEI Photos

  1. Debbie

    Sarah, I too am very fortunate to call PEI “HOME”
    I have lived away for over 3 decades but travel back to see family as much as I can.
    It is truly an island of beauty and wonder that everyone should have the opportunity to see at least once.

    Your pictures of this beautiful Island are breathtaking and they made me feel homesick for a visit soon.


    • Sarah Dunphy

      Hi Debbie, I am so happy you enjoyed our blog! We hope you can make it back to PEI soon 🙂


  2. Jane

    I am born and raised an “islander” and wouldnt live anywhere else then here on PEI. I see alot of our beautiful island throughout the summer months and take pictures of the beauty we have here. I enjoy the summers best with the warmth and colors we see in fields. Canola, potatoes, soybeans, corn and grains. We take pride in our land and keep them neat and tidy. We are hard workers and take pride in our little island. We welcome visitors and dont want to see you go!!! Guess thats why you have to pay to get off PEI!!!

  3. Jessica

    Wow! Outstandingly gorgeous! Where was photo number 3 of the northern lights taken? I’d love to visit there.

  4. Kim Wadman

    I was born on the island, my family moved to B.C when I was very young.
    Looking at these pictures make me want to go back to visit this BEAUTIFUL place, and maybe one day call it home.

    Thanks for these great beautiful pics.. 🙂

  5. Karl Nieva

    We’re taking our first trip to PEI in a few weeks. Your photos are making us more excited. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Tracy Bachellier

    Gorgeous photos, Debbie! I’m a Birch Hill girl (just got back last weekend from a short trip) and PEI will always be my home. Some of my favourite photos and places are the fishing villages along route 6, the Cavendish trail, including New London, Stanley Bridge, and North Rustico. Nothing beats driving that route west from Dalvay-by-the-Sea to Malpeque Bay and catching a Cavendish Sunset! 🙂

  7. Gerald W. O'Toole

    Born and reared in Charlottetown…living in N.J. the past 50 years. Have felt the tug to return, if only for a visit, a dozen times. My mind often wonders to Churchill Avenue..a picket fence..a bicycle with a basket in front..and, of course, Sheila. The photos are breathtaking; thanks for sharing.

  8. Lynn MacAulay

    Beautiful photos! I was born and raised on PEI but moved away for work 10 years ago. I love getting home (PEI will always be home!) as much as I can and the red dirt road photos always tug at my heart strings. Do you know where picture #2 was taken? Thanks for sharing!

  9. Edward Brouillet

    Thanks so much for the pictures, I’m sure the live view is even more breath taking were heading there in a few days I’m a member of the Red Knights Motorcycle Club Its a club for Firefighters, we have chapters all over the US and Canada and PEI looking forward to seeing the island as it will be our first time. Again thanks for the pictures. Ed & Peg

  10. Gaylene Lund

    Island born and more than content to live here. Beautiful picture of the Northern Lights in Covehead close to my hometown of Stanhope. Love travelling the byways of this beautiful place, always something new to see.

  11. Peter Aitken

    Hi Sarah. Awesome pictures. I am born and raised in the east end of the island. I catch myself every now and then while driving to glimpse at a field and think that a picture of what I’m seeing is what a lot of people want to see. Three more places I think should be added in are Basin Head Beach, one of seven marine protected areas in Canada and only on PEI; North Lake Harbour, called the Tuna Capital of The World; and the Rails to Trails

  12. Beverly

    I was also PEI born and raised. I was hoping to get there this summer but doesn’t look like it is possible so maybe next summer.
    Love the pictures and the red dirt really pulls at the heart strings.

  13. Elizabeth MacDonald- Dixon

    “The green, green grass of home”- the rolling hills, the red soil, and everywhere a lake, a river, pond. Ocean – roads that take you through beautiful country with neat, homey farms . Cows grazing in the fields, a tractor out plowing, picnics by the water, —the list goes on. No matter where one roams ,there is no place like home. I was born and raised there and went home for the many years when I had my parents.
    I want to go home! But it is an expensive place to visit ! So if I don’t make it again this year, I will look at the pictures with a deep feeling of longing and loss . Thank you for sharing them.

  14. Helene Sullivan/Saulenas

    I too, want to go home, but just can’t afford it as of yet. I have not been home since the ‘C Bridge’…miss my family there, but struggling to support and sustain family here. I love MY P.E.I. !!! 🙂 I do, I do, I do!!! 🙂