Taking the Ferry

Top 10 Reasons to Take the Ferry

Make the journey to Prince Edward Island an unforgettable part of your Island vacation.  When you take the ferry you arrive to the Island the way it was meant to be seen – by water. There are so many reasons to take the ferry, here’s our top 10!


1. Treat yourself to a mini cruiseTaking the ferry is an unforgettable experience all in itself. Lounge on the viewing deck and enjoy the fresh salt-water air as the wind whips through your hair and you soak in some rays. There is no better place to give your driver a well-deserved break, while you stretch your legs and enjoy the spectacular view. Look for Caribou Island shortly after departing Caribou, Nova Scotia. Later on, savour your first glimpse of Prince Edward Island’s red clay shore.


NFL musical cropped2. Live Local Music– Tap your toes to the sound of authentic Maritime music onboard the mv Confederation and mv Holiday Island during daily midday crossings from July through September. Whether your PEI vacation is beginning or ending, it will do so on a high note thanks to Northumberland Ferries’ incredible lineup of local musicians. Have a seat on the picnic tables, catch some rays of sun and sing along!


3. Sunsets Over the Water– Watching the sun set over the water is a sight that never gets old. You don’t have to own a boat to get a front row seat when you take the ferry. With two boats running during the peak of the summer, you can take in this beautiful view from both departure points.


4. Wood Islands Lighthouse Photo Op– As you approach Prince Edward Island, take your camera to the viewing deck to capture a photo of Wood Islands’ quintessential lighthouse. Rugged shacks add to the rustic aesthetic of this charming area. You could also visit Wood Islands Lighthouse Museum to regain your land-legs while you learn local folklore, facts and history.


5. Cow’s Ice Cream – One of Prince Edward Island’s most famous exports is available onboard the mv Confederation. Taste test the creatively named ice cream flavours if you can’t decide on just one. For the ultimate indulgence order a double scoop in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone. Insider’s Tip: Try Wowie Cowie an Islander favourite and enjoy your cone indoors to keep your face and your vacation clothes clean!


NFL pei-boat cropped6. Save on Gas – Who doesn’t like hearing “save on gas”!!  Save up to 100km to Halifax and up to 300km to Eastern Nova Scotia by taking the ferry as opposed to the bridge. You’ll save on fuel, log less mileage and spend less time behind the wheel.


7. Islander Breakfast – There is no need to skip the most important meal of the day – or any meal for that matter – while travelling when you take the ferry. Our favourite ferry food is the Islander Breakfast – a hearty breakfast of eggs, hash browns, toast and bacon or sausage. Freshly made and served with a smile.


8. Friendly Staff – Maritimer’s are often regarded as a hospitable bunch, and the ferry staff are no exception. They are genuinely happy to be there and go out of their way to make your crossing an enjoyable one.  As residents of the surrounding areas of the departure points, they are a great resource for suggestions on things to see and do.


NFL couple9. People Watching  – A guilty pleasure of many – us included! Teeming with families, couples young and old, and tourists from all over the world, the ferry is truly a people-watcher’s paradise. Strike up a conversation if you’re so inclined – you might just finish your crossing with a new friend or, in the very least, a good story.


10. Convenience – The crossing is 75 minutes and Northumberland Ferries has up to nine departures daily in peak season.  With so much to see and do onboard the mv Confederation and mv Holiday Island, you’ll hear the words  “please prepare for disembarkation” before you know it…and you might just be a small bit sad your cruise to the Island is over. The upside, you’ve landed in paradise rested and ready to explore!


Visit www.ferries.ca for the sailing schedule and create your own Ferrytale.


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