Plan Your Visit - BeachesBasin Head Beach

Basin Head Beach was named the top beach in Canada by Run your feet through its sand and it will sing! Really, we’re not kidding.  Though it seems magical, the singing is the result of the high silica content in the sand making it squeak underfoot when heated by the sun. And there’s plenty of sun! The beach is kilometers long with the whitest sand on the Island. A narrow channel running to a small inland pond divides Basin Head Beach. Depending on the tide, water in the channel can be fast moving, posing a hazard to swimmers. During the swimming season, a lifeguard is posted at the channel to keep those braver swimmers safe.

This beach is one of Prince Edward Island’s provincial parks and with that comes bathrooms and a canteen. Basin Head Provincial Park is home to a rare type of Irish Moss that can only be found within the area. That’s pretty rare! Because of the moss, Basin Head watershed was established as a Marine Protected Area. It is a supervised beach.

Insider’s Tip: Basin Head also features a mobi-mat accessible pathway from the wharf to the water.

Where to Find It: You can find it 94km from Charlottetown off PE-2E, just past Souris en route to the easternmost point of PEI. From Wood Islands Ferry, the park is 83km northeast via Hwy 315 onto PE-4 following signs to Souris.