Photography Tours

Vacations of a Lifetime

Picture this…windswept beaches shadowed by towering red cliffs, landscapes of unprecedented beauty, wildlife grazing in their natural habitat, communities dotted along the cliffs and in rolling farmland, lighthouses and architecture from a bygone era.

These are just some of the experiences you will encounter when you take an authentic photography tour with Vacations of a Lifetime. The focus of the photography tour company is to provide you with a truly unforgettable adventure around Prince Edward Island, regardless of skill level or camera equipment.

Professional photographer, Winston Maund, will put you in the best spot to get those coveted shots of P.E.I. And with over thirty-five years of professional experience, he can answer any photography questions you may have.

Start your sightseeing tour with an arranged van pickup at the Charlottetown Visitor Information Center, located by the waterfront. Tours start in morning and last five-hours. However, you can schedule a specialized evening tour of the Island that includes spectacular sunset opportunities and the grandeur of an unspoiled sky.

Vacations of a Lifetime design there route to accommodate weather and changing landscapes to ensure you have the most memorable experience, as well as a camera full of once-in-a-lifetime shots.

Your tour will weave around scenic Island roads and pause at the most treasured Island hot spots, including the secret local hideaways. Plus you will tap into the rich culture, heritage, and dynamic history of the Island, while also becoming kindred spirits with the locals.

Choose from Country Viewing Sightseeing, Photography Sightseeing, or an all-inclusive Packaged Tour.

What to bring:
• Camera and/or smartphone, tablet
• Batteries (remember to charge them!)
• Extra memory cards
• Tri-pod (if you have one)
• Comfortable footwear (lots of walking)
• Sunglasses, hat, sunglasses for sunny days
• Rain coat and umbrella for rainy days.

The tours are arranged to accommodate up to six people, in order to provide you with a personalized experience.

For more information on booking a Photography Tour call: 1.877.678.8878.
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Insider’s Tip:
Are you ready to be dazzled by Mother Nature’s fall foliage display? This is the perfect season to take a photography tour with Vacations of a Lifetime, when the air is crisp and the changing palette of deciduous trees is in blazing bloom.