Crafted to Perfection

The Gahan House Pub & Brewery

Gahan House Pub & Brewery
126 Sydney St., Charlottetown

Whether you like your brews hoppy, dark, or fruity—or something you can savour in a relaxed environment with good family and friends, then the Gahan House Pub & Brewery is the perfect place for you. Conveniently located in the historic heart of Downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, this is one of the most authentic pubs around.

The Gahan House is best known for their signature Brown Bag Fish & Chips, handcrafted ales, and great hospitality and service. The pub is proud to house the Island’s oldest brewery, the Gahan House Brewery, where seven handcrafted ales, such as Sir John A. Honey Wheat and Island Red are masterfully brewed on site.

Insider’s Tip:
Love the beer? Take a four pack home with you. The Gahan House features a cold beer store always fully stocked with our award winning ales. Want even more, head to the PEI Brewing Company at 96 Kensington Road, for an interactive tour and history lesson featuring how the Gahan brand began, the history of brewing on PEI and how the beer is uniquely brewed today.