Soothing Sounds of Prince Edward Island

Island Winds

Island Winds
3827 Millvale Rd., South Granville

Recreate the soothing sounds of Prince Edward Island wherever your backyard may be by hanging a hand-tuned windchime made by Island Winds – the original Canadian windchime.

The windchimes are made with a variety of metal tubing, each emitting its own unique sound.  Tuned to perfection, the range of chimes seem to magically reproduce sounds reminiscent of the Island, whether it’s mellow and meditative like waves lapping on the beach, the charming rattle of cowbells hanging from the necks of grazing cattle, the rich tome of distant church bells, or even the jaunty melodies of Anne of Green Gables – The Musical.

An Island Winds Windchime is the perfect souvenir for yourself or gift for a loved one, and is available at many stores and gift shops across the Island. Listen to the relaxing natural harmonics produced by the wind and watch the colourful stained glass windcatcher reflect the sunlight as it floats in the breeze.

The wind chimes are built to last using select hardwood, stainless steel alloy and indestructible components. Simply hang the windchime in your desired outdoor location, and listen its soothing melodies day after day, year after year.

Insider’s Tip: There are 8 different wind chime tunes to choose from each specifically designed and tuned to create a certain melody.  Choose your favorite and take it home.