Canada’s 150th in PEI

There’s no better place to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary than in its smallest province, Prince Edward Island. It was here in 1864 that the idea to create the country Canada we know and love today was born.

Beautiful red beaches and towering sandstone capes look as if they’re on fire under the sunlight on P.E.I. Enjoy the Island’s hidden gems and strong cultural roots by carving your way through the northwestern region. There, everything from fishing harbours and secret coves to the tidal and wind phenomena of the North Cape itself can be discovered. If you’re fond of the colour red, the North Cape Coastal Drive may be your favorite route in the world.

Start your journey in Summerside, the second-largest city on the Island and the gateway to the North Cape. Soak up the Celtic culture with the flowing notes of bagpipes at the College of Piping & Celtic Performing Arts of Canada and then stroll through the most-prized heritage properties.

Travel through the Evangeline region and attend a raucous kitchen party while experiencing the Acadian’s joie de vivre and step-dancing to traditional fiddle music. Step into the magical world of the Bottle Houses, nestled in Cap-Egmont. There are more than 25,000 recycled bottles ingeniously cemented together to create a small village that’s surrounded by immaculate flower gardens overlooking the sea.

No visit to the North Cape is complete without stopping at the northernmost point, which is home to the Wind Energy Interpretive Centre, Black Marsh Nature Trail and the longest natural rock reef in North America. Try to forget, once heard, a joyful aubade to the awakening howl of a blowing wind.

Conclude your leisurely drive back along the coast by stopping to savour this sensational seascape region at Cedar Dunes where the nearby black-and-white West Point Lighthouse casts it’s light out across the shimmering sea. This is Canada’s first true Lighthouse Inn and a designated Heritage Site.