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Loaded Baked Potato Risotto Recipe

Baked Potato Risotto Recipe

There is no food more versatile than the potato – fried, boiled, baked, or roasted, potatoes are satisfying, nutritious (with more potassium than a banana), and always delicious. As an Italian Islander I have two comfort food staples: risotto and potatoes. So I decided to marry them into a single … More

Neville-Lawless Crop

Wonderful Time of Year

As we are all gearing up for the holidays it is time to talk again about everyone’s favourite side dish – potatoes! I had the pleasure of visiting R&L Farms in Kinkora (where co-owner Andrew Lawless and his wife Heidi were recently named Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2014) once … More


Terror at Every Turn

Now that the evenings are suitably dusky and with Halloween fast approaching, in order to fully get into the spirit of this spooky season, my husband and I visited (and survived) the Haunted Mansion in Kensington. It was terrifying! Dr. Jack slowly pulled the curtain open and welcomed us inside … More

Tea Cup Rock in Thunder Cove, PEI

A Local Treasure

There’s something magical about waking up in the morning with no plans and just taking a drive to see where it leads us.  This day’s exploring took us to a local’s hidden gem, Thunder Cove Beach on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island. A pink and orange haze spills … More

This is a photo of a Red Dirt Road taken by Stephen Desroches

Autumn all Around

It’s now early October. A month of Fall Flavours has come to an end but the rich autumn colors begin. As we go into this Thanksgiving weekend, it will be hard to ignore the blankets of warm reds, yellows and orange colors that coat the trees. If there was ever … More

Greenwich National Park

Point’s East Adventures

Being born and raised in eastern Prince Edward Island, I love when the summer hits and it’s time to get out exploring. Afterall, we just made it through a long quiet winter and now the Island has come alive with colors, smells, sights and sounds.  I was brought up on … More